Mission and Goals

  • Shaping Futures Together

    Eastford Elementary School Mission Statement


    We pledge to provide every one of Eastford's children entrusted to our care with the very best education to meet individual needs, to maintain a nurturing and caring environment, and to ensure for each child the necessary preparation for a productive and fulfilling life in our changing world.


    Board of Education Goals


    1. Educational Leadership

    Monitor academic data to ensure that Eastford students demonstrate learning growth in all subject areas.

    Obtain and analyze data related to the performance of Eastford students in secondary and post-secondary education and careers. 

    II. Organizational Management

    Maintain and improve school facilities in accordance with a multi-year plan.

    Negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with the Eastford teachers

    Explore ways to achieve greater efficiency as a school district by cooperating with other districts, the town and/or Woodstock Academy for:

    Shared services

    Cooperative programs

    Sharing of staff


    III.  Community and BOE Relations:

    Develop strategies for improving community participation in school sustainability efforts



    2017-18 Superintendent Goals


    1. Educational Leadership


    2. Organizational Management

    Assist the Board in negotiating a collective bargaining agreement with the Eastford teachers.

    Policy: Assist the Board in Updating policies to reflect current laws and review policies that have not been updated in more than ten years.

    Facilities: Maintain and improve school facilities in accordance with a multi-year plan.



    III. Community and BOE Relations

    Collaborate with the new principal in strengthening community and family/school partnerships.


    2017-18 Principal’s Goals

    Focus Area One:  Support teachers in developing effective classroom management techniques and assist them in planning for rigorous instruction and active engagement of students.

    Focus Area Two:  Support staff in developing and communicating school-wide positive behavioral supports to improve students’ social-emotional and academic competencies.

     2017-18 Eastford Elementary School Goal

    The Eastford Elementary School staff will promote developmentally appropriate standards of behavior that support a productive learning environment, intellectual risk taking, and academic resiliency for all students by developing and using common language across settings and establishing clear expectations for all students. 



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