• Welcome to Fourth Grade


    Reading- The fourth grade reading program explores informational and fictional texts, as well as poetry and research through a Reader's Workshop Model. Students immerse themselves in a culture of reading. 

    Writing- The fourth grade writing program engages students in a Writer's Workshop model. The units of study include: narrative, informational, and opinion essays. Students also continue learning and practicing cursive writing. 

    Math- The fourth grade math program teaches students to make sense of problems in a real world context. Students focus on place value, computation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), fractions, data representation, measurement, and geometry.

    Science- Students immerse themselves in various fields: physical, life, Earth, and engineering design.        

    Social Studies- Grade four students focus on the climate, geography, history, and economics of the United States. Students study the five regions in the United States and the characteristics that define each region. Students use technology responsibly to complete research projects.

    Social and Emotional Learning- SEL instruction focuses on building competencies including: habits of success, being a global citizen, creative problem solving, effective collaboration, effective communication, and critical thinking.  

    Classroom Management- Please visit the Core Values page for school and classroom expectations, as well as a copy of the social emotional report card.

    Every day, students mark their behavior in the agenda to communicate between home and school. The grade 4 classroom focuses on restorative practices, a system that does not rely on punishments or rewards to influence student behavior. The core principle of this strategy focuses on establishing, maintaining, and repairing community and relationships.

    • white  - appropriate behavior

    • green - warning/conversation about code of conduct

    • yellow - continued inappropriate behavior, conference with the teacher

    • pink -  continued disruption, student reflection sheet 

    • orange - constant disruption, teacher will make parental contact

    • red - removal from classroom to the office