Welcome to Grade Three!

  • Welcome to the 2/3 Blended Class


    My name is Lori Crocker-Lincoln and I am thrilled to be your child's teacher this year. It is my hope as partners in education we we can stay in close communication throughout the year. Please don't hesitate to contact me. You can e-mail me at lcrockerlincoln@eastfordct.org


    It is my hope this academic overview will provide you with some of the curriculum areas covered throughout the year as well as how behavior management is incorporated into the daily program.



    The grade two/three Reader's Workshop provides students with a variety of genre study and exploration. Students self select their reading materials ranging from narrative stories, poetry, informational texts such as articles, as well as high quality novels. Students will be instructed in constructing meaning from their reading, developing an interpretation from their reading, as well as taking a critical stance with respect to their reading. 



    Second and third grade writers will be engaged in a daily Writer's Worshop. The units of study we cover throughout the grade 3 year include the following:

    Crafting True Stories - Narrative

    The Art of Information Writing - Informational

    Changing the World - Opinion


    Cursive writing is introduced in grade three! Click here to view our cursive alphabet.

    Second graders work on perfecting their manuscript writing.


    Word Work-

    Students will work on grammar conventions, vocabulary development and spelling patterns within this framework. 




    Students working in the second grade program focus on representing and solving problems using addition and subtraction, understanding place value, measuring and estimating lengths in standard units, and work with time and money. 

    Students working on the grade three mathematical skills focus on the grade 3 common core standards. The concepts of multiplication and division and applying these skills to multi-step word problems including tables and charts are a major focus this year.



    This year, Mrs. Lynch is joining us to explore the many exciting topics in science. Our scientific areas of study include forces, relationships in ecosystems, life cycles and traits, and weather and climate.  The topics are explored with a hands-on approach and are inquiry based.



    Social Studies-  

    Second and third graders will  take part in an extensive exploration of community. Town and local history, especially Eastford, is a major focus as well as the state of Connecticut. 




    The Eastford Technology Curriculum engages students in a variety of computer skills such as file navigation, keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, Internet, multimedia presentations, related vocabulary, and ethical user topics. The primary digital platform used in second and third grade is Seesaw. Seesaw allows students choice in the way they show their learning. It is also a communication portal for both teachers and parents. 


    Classroom Management-

    Grade two and three utilize the “Card System” as a tool for behavior management both in the classroom and in other school destinations throughout the day. As each behavior situation arises, students flip a colored card representing a consequence. As illustrated below, this program has a built in parent component whereby if a difficult behavior day occurs, the parent is contacted at that time by both the child and teacher.

    *First warning is verbal…………Green Card

    **Second warning earns 5 minutes away from group……..Yellow Card

    ***Third warning earns 10 minutes away and a reflection sheet ...Red Card

    **** Fourth warning earns a call to parent & the card remains on red.

    ***** Fifth warning earns a trip to the principal with the red card.  


    I  hope this gives you a brief understanding of some of the skills and concepts your second and third grader will be learning this year. I look forward to an educationally rich year with your child.


                                                 Your Partner in Education,

                                                 Mrs. Lori Crocker-Lincoln




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