• Shaping Futures Together

    Eastford Elementary School Mission Statement 

    We pledge to provide every one of Eastford's children entrusted to our care with the very best education to meet individual needs, to maintain a nurturing and caring environment, and to ensure for each child the necessary preparation for a productive and fulfilling life in our changing world.

    Board of Education Goals: 2019-20

    Educational Leadership

    1. Monitor the data provided by school staff to assess the academic, social and emotional growth of students at Eastford Elementary School.
    2. Obtain and monitor data related to the performance of Eastford students in their secondary school education.
    3. Advocate for a budget that is responsive to the programmatic needs of all students and the professional growth needs of the school and district staff.

    Organizational management

    1. Advocate for a budget that provides for the needed facility maintenance and updates in accordance with a multi-year plan.
    2. Explore ways to achieve greater efficiency as a school district by cooperating with other districts for shared services and staff as well as cooperative programs and purchases.
    3. Develop and implement strategies for the continuation of board vision and priorities.

    Collaboration and Communication with Community

    1. Develop strategies for improving community participation in school sustainability efforts.



    Superintendent’s Goals 2019-20

    Educational Leadership

    1. Provide the school staff with the leadership and guidance needed to develop a long-term plan for the review and development of curriculum programs and instructional practices.
    2. Provide support to the school staff as they focus on the development of a community that manages conflicts and tensions by repairing harm and building relationships.

    Organizational management

    1. Prioritize and advise the Board of Education of the needed maintenance, security and technology projects.
    2. Serve as the District/School liaison to the Town Building Committee responsible for the steam to hot water conversion project.
    3. Advise the Board of Education as to opportunities for shared services and programs.

    Collaboration and Communication with Community

    1. Engage in meaningful conversations and collaborations with families and community stakeholders that provide for quality learning opportunities for Eastford students and families.



    2018-19 Principal’s Goals 

             Focus Area 1: Support teachers in improving student growth in the areas of English-language arts (ELA) and mathematics.

             Focus Area 2: Provide support and feedback to teachers to assist in analyzing student data and developing tiered instructional                                   practices.

     2018-19 Eastford Elementary School Goal

    The Eastford Elementary School staff will improve student growth in ELA and Math by developing a better understanding of growth measures* and effectively using student data and progress monitoring tools to provide targeted, tiered instruction that meets the needs of all learners.

    *(Growth measures include those used by SBAC, NWEA and other grade level standardized measures)