Fund-raising guidelines and Request Form




    These administrative regulations shall serve to implement the Board of Education’s policy pertaining to fundraising activities.  The Board of Education is not responsible for any fundraising activities that are not approved in accordance with the procedures set forth in the policy and these accompanying regulations.


    Criteria for Fundraising Activities:


    To be approved, a fundraising activity must be conducted for the educational benefit of students and satisfy all of the following criteria:


    1.     Each student, parent support or other sanctioned fundraising activity shall have one adult designated with the overall responsibility for continuing compliance with the Board’s policy and these administrative regulations pertaining to fund-raising (the “Sponsor”);

    2.     The fundraising must have a purpose consistent with the purposes of the school district and be for the benefit of its educational programs, student groups or extra-curricular activities;

    3.     The fundraising must not be anticipated to bring additional costs to the school district;

    4.     The fundraising activity must be suitable for the age and maturity of the students involved in the fundraising activity;

    5.     Students may not be compelled to participate in fundraising, all such fundraising activity shall be voluntary in nature;

    6.     Prior to a student engaging in any fundraising activity, his/her parents shall be informed and written authorization shall be obtained to permit their children to participate;

    7.     The fundraising must not be inappropriate or harmful to the best educational interests of students, as determined by the administration;

    8.     The fundraising will not be considered an official endorsement of any business or product;

    9.     The fundraising must not be in conflict with any provisions of the school code or public law;

    10. Door-to-door solicitations by students are prohibited by these regulations;

    11. The fundraising must comply with all applicable provisions of Board policy and regulation relating to the sale of healthy foods and beverages on school grounds or at school-sponsored events.


    Prior approval required:


    Fundraising activities shall not be initiated until prior approval is secured as set forth in these regulations.


    Requests for prior approval for fundraising activities anticipated to raise funds shall be made in advance in writing to the building Principal or his/her designee, at least one (1) month prior to the commencement of the activity.  The Principal or his/her designee shall indicate his/her approval in writing to the organization applying for approval.



    Handling of Funds and Record-Keeping:


    The fundraising activity must comply with all applicable policies and procedures with respect to the processing of monies by staff members and/or students (e.g. school activity fund regulations and regulations pertaining to maintaining cash within classrooms or school buildings).


    A manual regarding the collection of monies by students is available in its entirety on the school’s website (

    Excerpts from this document include:

    1. Deposits and financial records are kept in the school office.  This does not relieve coaches, teachers, faculty advisors, and parents from maintaining financial records of receipts, expenses and financial standing of the specific activity.
    2. The school principal is responsible for overseeing Student Activity accounting practices in the school building.
    3. Most receipts originate at the school and these revenues are deposited promptly at the local bank.   This does NOT relieve the Principal from maintaining records identifying resources, obligations and the origination of revenues through written receipts. The software program “Excel” or its equivalent will be used to maintain accounts.
    4. It is recommended, when running an activity or fund-raiser, to have a single individual responsible for managing the receipts and expenditures.  This individual will work with the building administrator for deposits and accounting procedures. 


    Student, parent support or other sanctioned fundraising groups shall keep detailed and accurate contemporaneous records of the fundraising activity, with the Sponsor responsible for ensuring compliance with this requirement.   


    Such detailed and accurate records shall be subject to inspection by school officials at any time.


    At the end of the activity, the Sponsor shall produce a final report showing the amount of money raised, the number of students who participated, the purposes for which the designated funds will be used, and any other information as may be required by the Principal and/or Superintendent of Schools.    





    Eastford School District



    Name of Organization: ______________________________________________________________


    School(s) or Student Activities intended to Benefit from Fundraising Activity:





    Brief Description of Fundraising Activity:











    Name of Adult Responsible for Fundraising Activity (“Sponsor”):




    Contact information for Sponsor: Tel#_______________________________


    Email address:__________________________________________________


    Date(s) on which the fundraising activity will occur: ___________________


    Anticipated Funds to be Solicited: __________________________________


    Signature of Principal or Superintendent: ____________________________


    The principal will determine whether the following parent/guardian authorization is required for this fundraiser

    Parent/Guardian Authorization ________ Required          ________ Not Required


    I have received information pertaining to the fundraising activity described above. By signing below, I give my permission for my child to participate in the fundraising activity. 



    Name of Child:______________________________________________________

    Parent/Guardian Name: ______________________________________________

    Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________________________________Date:_________

    Home phone number: ___________________Cell :_________________Work :____________________

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