2021-22 Board of Education Goals


    Educational Leadership

    Monitor the quantitative and qualitative data provided by school administration relative to long-term planning goals for the academic, social, and emotional growth of students at Eastford Elementary School with respect to national, state, and local assessments.

    Organizational Management

    1. Support the efforts of the administration as they work to protect and insure the well-being of staff and students through the provision of a safe and productive learning environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    2. Advocate for a budget that is responsive to the programmatic needs of all students, the professional growth needs of district staff and the needed facility and maintenance updates in accordance with a long-term plan.

    Collaboration and Communication with Community

    1. Collaborate with the administration's efforts in the development of a long-term strategic plan.

    Continue to explore ways to achieve greater efficiency as a school district by cooperating with the community and other districts for shared services and staff as well as cooperative programs and purchases.