Bus Information and Routes

  • Following is the information contained in the Parent/Student Handbook regarding transportation.


    School transportation privileges are extended to students contingent upon their satisfactory behavior on the bus. Unsatisfactory student behavior while waiting for the bus or while on the bus may result in suspension of transportation services or such other disciplinary action that is appropriate for misconduct.


    The following rules shall apply to student conduct on school transportation:


    1.     Passengers shall follow the driver’s directions at all times.

    2.     Passengers shall board and leave the bus in an orderly manner at their designated bus stops

    3.     Students will sit in grade order.

    4.     Passengers shall not stand while the bus is in motion.

    5.     Passengers shall keep books, instrument cases, feet, and other objects out of the aisle of the bus.

    6.     Passengers shall not deface the bus and/or its equipment.

    7.     Passengers shall not extend head, hands, arms, or legs out of the window nor hold any object out of the window nor throw objects within or out of the bus.

    8.     Passengers will not use electronic devices on the buses unless a field trip coordinator has given special permission.

    9.     Passengers shall not smoke or use any form of tobacco.

    10. Passengers shall not eat on the bus.

    11. Usual classroom conduct shall be displayed. Unruly conduct, including the use of inappropriate language will subject the passenger to disciplinary action.

    12. Upon leaving the bus, the passenger will wait for the driver’s signal before crossing in front of the bus.

    13. Students must ride the bus to which they are assigned. A bus pass issued in the main office is required if a student must get off at a different stop on his/her own bus or ride a different bus. Requests for riding a different bus or getting off at a different stop must be in writing and approved in the office.


    The following procedures shall be followed when a discipline concern arises on a bus serving a regular route or an extracurricular activity:

    A.   The driver will inform the principal in writing, using a “Bus Misconduct Notice.”

    B.    Disciplinary action, such as the following, may be used for bus misconduct:

    • Lunch in the office;
    • Alternate recess;
    • Detention; 
    • Conference involving the principal, the student passenger, and the parent(s);
    • Suspension of the student’s bus-riding privileges. If such a suspension occurs, the parents will be notified prior to the time the suspension takes effect;
    • In the case of serious misconduct that endangers the safety of other passengers or the driver, the driver shall have the authority to call for law enforcement assistance. The principal and parents shall be notified of the situation as soon as possible. The student shall not be provided bus service again until a parent conference has been held.


    Disciplinary sanctions and changes in transportation for a student with a disability shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the student’s Individual Education Program (IEP).


    All vehicles coming into or leaving the school grounds are subject to the regulations of the school. Parents and others driving on school grounds during bus arrival or departure time are reminded that the law forbids passing school buses with flashing lights. It is a safety and legal violation to pass a school bus with flashing red lights!


    If the bus with its flashing lights is not on the road, but in our parking lot, people who are driving on the road do not need to stop. Those entering the parking lot, of course, should not pass the bus if the flashing lights are on.


    The Board of Education has a revised Transportation Policy with associated regulations that can be accessed on the school’s website.



    Following are some excerpts:


    A.   All PK and Kindergarten students will be dropped off at their assigned bus stops and must be met by an adult/parent/caregiver or will be returned to the school.

    B.    Children in Grades PK through 8 will have the option to remain on the bus.  The driver will contact the school office to notify the Principal that the child did not exit the bus. If a parent chooses to have their child(ren) exercise this option, they should take time to review the family’s procedures and remind the child(ren) of the process. The bus driver will, at the end of the bus run, return the student(s) to the school.  The school office will contact the parent or an adult authorized by the parent from the Emergency Notification List.  The child(ren) must be picked up at the school. The bus company will not make a second run.


    Any time a student is returned to the school, the event creates a burden for the parents, bus company and school staff.  It also causes increased anxiety for the children involved.  All efforts must be made by the parents/guardians to minimize the need to return a student to the school.  If a pattern develops, the Principal/Superintendent will schedule a meeting with the parents to discuss the pattern and consider options.


    C.    At the start of each school year or at time of registration for students in Grades PK-8, an Early Dismissal Form, signed by the parent/guardian, confirming receipt of the Early Dismissal Form and this transportation procedure will be completed.  The Early Dismissal Form will contain emergency/weather early dismissal options/instructions to the school.



    All complaints concerning school transportation safety should be made in writing to the principal or superintendent. A written record of all complaints will be maintained and an investigation of the allegations will take place.



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