Clean Energy Task Force

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    At the urging of the Board of Selectmen, a number of Eastford citizens met on October 9th at the town office building to show their interest and support for promoting the adoption of clean and renewable energy systems and to intensify energy conservation efforts throughout our community.

    Those attending included Bill Bradley, Arvind Shaw, Dr. Paul Torcellini and Ken Andersen. Also Mary Ellen Ellsworth indicated her interest in this effort but was unable to attend the initial gathering.

    It became apparent that Dr.Torcellini's expertise and his willingness to participate will be of extraordinary value in organizing and planning this effort going forward. As the Principal Group Manager for the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Lab, he brings a wealth knowledge and experience in all these matters.

    Inventory of Eastford’s Existing Solar Installations

    He suggested that we assemble a list of town residents who have already installed photo voltaic (PV) systems in their homes to learn details of their experience.

    Bill Bradley was familiar with the Solarize CT campaign adopted last year in Mansfield. He has quotes from other solar contractors for his Eastford residence

    Solarize CT Program is Already Underway

    Currently state and local officials in neighboring towns were organizing citizens more-formally to participate in the Solarize Connecticut energy development program for 2013. Participating towns in Connecticut's northeast included Ashford, Chaplain, Hampton and Pomfret.

    While there is currently intense and substantial impetus for solar (PV) development in the region, those attending this first meeting wish to engage the town in a broader agenda of energy conservation and clean, renewable solutions in all our endeavors.

     Broaden Our Approach

     Eastford's activities might then include:

    * Developing an energy policy and mission statement for the town;

    * Setting goals and timelines for acceptable progress.

    * Hosting educational events such as displays, speakers and energy fairs .

    * Making use of available state and federal incentives.

    * Promoting and assisting the town's efforts by all appropriate means.

    Our group will meet again this month to continue our efforts.




    Ken Andersen