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    Camp Nahaco Park Commission


    The Mission:

    The mission of the Nahaco Park Commission is to maintain Nahaco Park and its facilities for public use.  We are committed to  protecting and preserving the natural beauty Nahaco Park affords, improving the facilities to meet the public’s needs and managing the day to day operations to allow financial stability, guaranteeing the public’s enjoyment for generations to come.

    The Commission dedicates itself to the community by providing to them:

    • Social Benefits Bringing families and communities together to enjoy recreational and leisure activities
    • Environmental Benefits Protecting and preserving the natural ecosystems within the Park boundaries
    • Educational Benefits Providing individuals, schools, and other learning-focused groups the chance to use the Park and facilities as a natural, outdoor learning environment
    • Historical Benefits Allowing people the opportunity to appreciate the history of the Park and its evolution into a community resource
    • Economic Benefits Developing and managing the Park as a financially self-supporting asset, and encouraging appropriate use so that full financial independence may be achieved
    In the summer, a Day Camp provides a structured program of traditional indoor and outdoor activities. Please send email to for more information about Day Camp. For directions, click here.
    Please send email to for more information about rentals.

    Nahaco Park is a 134-acre primarily forested property straddling the Eastford/Woodstock town line (in the southwestern corner of Woodstock), with about 2,500 feet of frontage on Crystal Pond. The property abuts approximately 300 acres of privately owned, permanently protected open space. It contains a 2.5 acre trout pond, approximately 1/2 mile of Hall's Brook, and recreational trails.

    In a referendum held in 2002, voters from the towns of Woodstock and Eastford approved the purchase Nahaco Park from the Boy Scouts. 120 acres are now permanently protected from development, but are available for passive recreation; and 14 acres on Crystal Pond that include the dining hall and a recreation field are available for more intensive recreational activities.  The goal is to make the park facilities accessible to as many as possible.  Potential activities (there may be a nominal use fee for some activities) include:

    • Swimming, picnicking, fishing, boating and ice skating
    • Hiking, cross-country skiing, horseback riding
    • Town events/functions at the dining hall or pavilion
    • Environmental education for youth and adults, including walks and talks
    • Summer camping for youth and/or adults
    • Rental of facilities to offset costs (weddings, graduation parties, family reunions, business picnics, etc.)


    Directions to Nahaco Park:  Nahaco Park is located on the Woodstock/Eastford border. Follow Route 198 to center of Eastford. Turn left turn onto Westford Road,and go past the Town Office Building and the cemetery. Turn right onto Weeks Road, then to camp gate on your left.

    For information about talks, organized hikes, day camp, winter camping, and other activities and facilities at Nahaco, contact the commission here.  For day camp information, you can email daycampatcrystalpond@gmail.comDirections to Nahaco Park are found below. See (PDF) trail map.

    Donations are Accepted and Appreciated: Please make check payable to "Nahaco Park" and mail it to: 415 Route 169, Woodstock, CT 06281