Yale Forest

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    Yale Myers Forest

    The largest parcel is the Yale Myers Forest, which covers 7,840 acres (3,213 ha. 12.2 sq. mi.) in the towns of Ashford, Eastford, Union, and Woodstock, in Windham and Tolland Counties, Connecticut. This forest has the most activity in terms of education, research, and harvesting operations of all the forests managed by the School. Yale Myers is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). It is comprised of mainly mixed hardwoods on glacial till soils with a large component of hemlock, several scattered white pine stands (mainly of old field origin), and occasional red pine plantations started in the 1940s after field abandonment. There are numerous small ponds and most wetland areas have been created by beaver activity. The majority of this parcel is surrounded by large state (park and forest) and private forest ownerships. Most of the adjacent private landholdings are small in terms of acreage, but Hull Forest Products owns two large inholdings in the forest. Its situation makes it part of one of Connecticut's most remote forest areas, although suburban commuter dwellings are beginning to surround this area.