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    Dedicated to Preserving Eastford's History for Generations to Come

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    The Florence Warren Latham Museum of Eastford History, 65 John Perry Road will be opened the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m., May - October. You may also schedule a private tour of our museum by calling Linda Torgeson at 860 933-0468.

     Notice: Check out the news article in CTMQ about our very own Florence Latham Museum!


    School Photo Project

    The Eastford Historical Society is excited to share with you a collection of over 100 historical school photos.  This project covers the following two periods, 1847 – 1949, when Eastford operated as many as eight small school district schools, and 1950 – 1964, when the community was served by a modern, four- room elementary school.

    We invite you to join our two Google albums.  Use the comment function to assist us with identification, share the links with family and friends, download images for personal use, and contribute images of your own for us to add to this collection.

    We want to add as many photos as possible to our albums.  If you have additional class or activity photos from before 1965 that you would be willing to share, please email the images, with names if known, to ehsarchives@gmail.com.  We offer free, same-day photo pickup, scan and return service for your convenience.  Please call Tom at 860 974-1610 to make arrangements for this service.

    Thank you for supporting this preservation and sharing project!

                                      NO Google "Sign In" is required to use these albums.


                   Elementary School Album Link                                                        District Schools Album Link

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/Rj2vUrFTz6nkx6hp6                      https://photos.app.goo.gl/KaEqNe2iTjw2ArPo8




    The Eastford Historical Society invites you to join its collaborative Google Photo Album named “Eastford’s Shared History Album”.  By using the link below you may join this album, view and comment on photos, and upload photos of your own.


    This project supports our mission to preserve and share Eastford’s unique history.

    If you choose to collaborate on this album by contributing photos, you are agreeing that anyone with the link to it may download and make unrestricted use of your images.

    We encourage everyone to share interesting photos that help to tell the story of Eastford’s past. If you ‘add photos’ please tell us all that you know about them in the information section which can be opened by clicking on the ‘i’ symbol.  By choosing the ‘pencil’ symbol you can access a tool to edit your photo. There is a ‘comment’ section below each photo where you can add to the story of photos contributed by others.

    Anyone can view this album and download photos, but you will need a Google Account (free) in order to join and collaborate by uploading your photos and commenting on photos posted by others.

    We welcome your participation as a contributor or simply as a viewer, and hope you enjoy Eastford’s Shared History Album.  Please feel free to “share” this invitation and link with others who might find this album interesting.

    If you would like us to add your photos to this album; have photos or documents that you would allow us to copy/scan for archival purposes; or have photos, documents, or objects you would consider donating – please contact us.

    Thank you for participation in this effort to preserve and share Eastford’s history!


    The Eastford Historical Society, Inc.  ehsarchives@gmail.com

    Linda Torgeson (860) 933-0468

    Tom Latham (860) 974-1610

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