For Union School District students seeking permission to participate in Eastford Middle School sports, please use the form attached to this page. All questions regarding participation must be addressed to the Board of Education through the superintendent's office. Contact Kymberli Gaylor ( or call 860.974.1130 X 101


    For other questions about athletics, please contact Mr. Kernan (


    Eastford Elementary School attempts to provide the opportunity for sixth, seventh and eighth-grade students to compete interscholastically in soccer and basketball. We also offer a coed track team in the spring that is open to fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students because this is a non-contact sport.  Tryouts are held prior to each season and practices are held after school. Prior to participation in sports, a current physical must be on file with the school nurse. “Current” means no more than 13 months old. The physical must remain “current” throughout the entire sports season to continue playing. Permission forms must be signed by both the student and the parent or guardian prior to participation in any sport. A sports handbook including more specific information about the rules and regulations for the sports programs will be issued to each student athlete at the beginning of the sport's season.  This handbook contains all the required forms for each sport.  The handbook is also linked below if you need an additional copy.

    Academic Requirements for Athletes

    Those students who exhibit the greatest effort and ability are selected to participate. Our school follows the guidelines set forth by the Connecticut Association of Secondary Schools. The academic requirements for participation in the interscholastic sports program are:


    1. Athletes must attend scheduled classes to participate in practice or games played on a particular day. Any athlete tardy to school after 12:00 will not compete in the contest or practice on that day. Extenuating circumstances must be approved by the building principal prior to participation.
    2. Any student receiving a failing grade in any subject area, either on a report card or mid-term report, will be restricted from trying out, practicing, or competing on a school team.
    3. At the beginning of the school year, any sixth, seventh or eighth-grade student may try out for fall sports, but anyone receiving a “failing” warning on the interim progress note will be dropped immediately.
    4. Students who are failing at mid-term have the opportunity to be reinstated at any time within a two-week period following the issuance of the mid-term. In order to be reinstated, the student will be required to provide the coach with a written notice from the teacher(s) who issued the failing mid-term. The notice must state the student is no longer failing the course.
    5. Students who receive a failing grade on a report card will no longer be able to participate on a sports team that trimester or the next trimester.



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