Public Works


    264 Westford Rd
    Eastford, CT 06242

    Hours of operation:
    6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m Monday though Friday

    (860) 974-2259


    Public Works Supervisor: Ben Schmidt

    Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and repair of Eastford Town roads, equipment, and facilities. The Public Works department duties include reconstruction of roads, paving and chip sealing, street sweeping, snow removal, oversight of drainage infrastucture, repair of potholes, brush cutting, mowing and trimming Town properties, maintainance of Town buildings and facilities, and maintenance of Town heavy equipment.

    Public Works maintains all 33 miles of Eastford Town roads. Should you see something that concerns road safety, please feel free to contact Public works by phone: (860) 974-2259 or email at

    The Eastford Public Works department does not maintain State highways, including routes 44, 244, 198, and 171. Should you encounter problems or concerns on State roads, please contact the State Department of Transportation (DOT) in Pomfret at (860) 928-4098.