Board of Assessment Appeals (BAA)

    The BAA meets twice annually. Once in March for motor vehicles, personal property, and real estate. The second time in September for motor vehicles only. An application is required for the March meeting and must be filed no later than February 20th. No application is required for the  September meeting. Notice of their meetings is recorded with the Town Clerk annually. Notice will also be given to the Assessor's Office and posted on this website one month prior to the meeting. The notice will include the date, place and time of the meeting. The BAA consist of three members who are elected. Mintues and agendas for the meetings will be posted below. Additional members may be added during a revaluation year in accordance with Connecticut General Statute 9-199(c).

    The BAA consist of the following members:

    Board Member             _______________________Phone_________________Email_____________

    Guy Grube, Chairman                                    860-974-1653                                      guygrube@gmail.com

    Bette Danielson                                              860-974-1636                                      wsdanielson@gmail.com

    Robert Johnson, Secretary                             860-576-5031                                      rgjohnson98@gmail.com



    Applications are now available