Mrs. Rhynhart Grade 1

  • Updates during school closure:

    4/6/20: Dear Families: The new work packets are available for pick up at school Tue-Thur 8:00-3:00. We also have staff members who can deliver the materials to your home if you are unable to pick them up. You can contact the office if delivery would be helpful. These packets have two weeks worth of activities - for this week and the week following April vacation (13-17). Please check your email for the weekly skills focus for reading, writing and math. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!

    3/27/20: Dear Families: I am working on a new packet for the weeks ahead. Please continue to take advantage of the online programs listed below to maintain and grow your child's skills (click on "View All" to the right of the "Related Links" title to see the entire list of links). Reading to your child is a wonderful way to support their developing reading skills - it supports their motivation through enjoyment of stories, exposes them to new vocabulary, supports their comprehension skills and provides social connection during this difficult time. Your child can also continue to practice reading independently with their baggy books - repeated reading is just as valuable as reading the story for the first time! Thank you for all you doing during this time and always! Stay well and contact me for anything you need! Mrs. Rhynhart :)


    Welcome to first grade! I will keep you up to date on our class happenings through my weekly letter that I email home on Mondays. Please feel free to email me at any time -

    Below you will find some helpful files and links for classroom activities! 


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