Mrs. Bardsley

  • Welcome to Second Grade

    Second grade is a time of growing independence. I feel very fortunate to have the pleasure of being your child's teacher. I know that it will be a wonderful year!
    Our math program is called, enVision Math. It balances skill instruction, with instruction that develops conceptual understanding through problem-based interactive, and visual learning.
    We will focus on three types of writing: opinion, narrative, and informative. 
    Homework: Students will be assigned homework, Monday - Thursday. Second grade students will be using agendas, (provided by the school), to help with organization. Your child will be writing the daily homework in his/her agenda. I will be checking each child's agenda every day, to make certain that the homework has been copied correctly. You will see my initials, indicating that your child has shown me his/her agenda. 
    It would encourage homework responsibility, if you check your child's agenda nightly to make sure all assignments are completed. Please rely upon the agenda, since it will foster responsibility for your child's continued personal growth.
    Additional Ongoing Homework - All students should practice their addition and subtraction facts until they are able to automatically recall the correct answers.
    Each week, beginning in December, there will be a spelling test. You will find the weekly word list in your child's agenda. It is their responsibility to study each word.