• Shaping Futures Together

    Eastford Elementary School Mission Statement 

    We pledge to provide every one of Eastford's children entrusted to our care with the very best education to meet individual needs, to maintain a nurturing and caring environment, and to ensure for each child the necessary preparation for a productive and fulfilling life in our changing world.


    2020-21 Board of Education Goals


    Educational Leadership

    Monitor the quantitative and qualitative data provided by school administration relative to long term planning goals for the academic, social and emotional growth of students at Eastford Elementary School with respect to national, state and local assessments.

    Organizational Management

    1. Support the efforts of the administration as they work to protect and insure the well-being of staff and students through the provision of a safe and productive learning environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    2. Advocate for a budget that is responsive to the programmatic needs of all students, the professional growth needs of district staff and the needed facility and maintenance updates in accordance with a long-term plan.

    Collaboration and Communication with Community

    1. Continue to explore ways to achieve greater efficiency as a school district by cooperating with the community and other districts for shared services and staff as well as cooperative programs and purchases.
    2. Collaborate with the administration's efforts in the development of a long-term strategic plan.



    2020-21 Superintendent Goals


    Educational Leadership

    Provide leadership and supports to the administrative team and school staff in the selection and implement of curriculum programs and instructional practices that support the academic, social and emotional well-being of all of our students in measurable ways.

    Organizational Management

    1. Provide responsive leadership during the COVID-19 Pandemic that supports the well-being of staff and students through the provision of a safe and productive learning environment. Make decisions throughout the year regarding the level of in-person, hybrid or remote learning based on the key metrics and considerations provided by the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) and Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE), together with the physical and operational ability of our district to staff our classrooms and implement critical mitigation strategies. Decision-making will also include consultation with local health departments, school medical advisors and municipal leaders.
    2. Prioritize and advise the Board of Education of the needed staffing, staffing supports, instructional resources including technology, as well as the needed long-term facility, maintenance and security projects.
    3. Advise the Board of Education as to opportunities for shared services and programs.

    Collaboration and Communication with Staff, Families and Community

    Provide leadership, support and resources needed to develop a long-term strategic planning process that involves relevant stakeholders.



    2020-21 Principal Goals


    Focus Area 1: 

    Climate, culture and social and emotional factors for students and staff


    Focus Area 2:

    Targeted and focused improvement of curriculum and instruction


    With support from the Superintendent and the Board of Education, work with staff and other stakeholders to develop the framework of a long-term strategic planning process focused on:

    • the portrait of an EASTFORD Learner and its use as a guide for instructional decision making
    • coherent systems and structures, aligned with the essential core standards to document curriculum, instruction and assessment practices
    • the restorative practices model approach with discipline and disciplinary action, and to support staff in building positive classroom communities



    2020-21 Whole School Goal


    Teachers will focus on the development and implementation of instructional and SEL approaches that align with the essential core standards and that will support increased student independence, problem solving and/or perseverance.



    2020-21 Parent Feedback Goal


    Teachers will communicate and work with students and families to develop successful systems of support that foster student independence, problem solving and perseverance outside of school that align with tasks and expectations for students in school.



    2020-21 Director of Pupil Services Goals


    Educational Leadership

    Provide leadership to EES team regarding best practices for an inclusive school community as evidenced by:

      1. completion of an updated Special Education Manual
      2. mentoring and supporting staff members’ skill development

    Organizational Management

    Sustain and improve the processes of identification, program development and monitoring for students with disabilities as evidenced by:

      1. development of specific forms and materials for staff, students and parents
      2. maintenance of CSDE indicators (“meets requirements” for all indicators, such as Evaluation Timelines, Early Childhood Outcomes, FAPE at Three)

    Collaboration and Communication with Community

    Prepare and conduct additional opportunities for interaction as evidenced by such activities as:

      1. increased informational materials and resources posted to website
      2. conducting workshops (in person or via Zoom)