• Connecticut school districts were required to submit a reopening plan to the state by Friday, July 24, 2020.  Eastford Elementary School created a detailed plan that addresses student educational concerns, the social and emotional well-being of students and staff, and provides for the health and safety of all students and staff.

    A condensed summary of the plan is below, along with the full plan and other pertinent and up-to-date information.  These are fluid documents and they will continue to be revised and changed as new information and guidelines are shared with us. 

    To allow for additional staff training on COVID related issues, school will begin for students on August 31, 2020 with four early release days.  The updated and approved school calendar is posted below.  The student instructional day will begin at 8:45 am and will end at 3:20 pm.  Students should arrive in time for instruction at 8:45 am, but they will not be allowed to enter the building before 8:25 am.   With the exception of the first 4 early release days, students will attend school in-person on Tuesdays-Fridays.  All non-holiday Mondays will be remote learning days for all students.  Our first Remote Learning Monday will be September 14.  

    We are looking forward to reopening for all our students and staff on August 31, 2020!  Please contact the school office at 860-974-1130 if you have questions or concerns.   


    Reopening Format

    Reopening Plan Summary

    Expectations for those Temporarily Opting for Remote Learning

    FAQS Explained: Parent Q and A from August 11

    FAQ explained (Parent Q and A from virtual meetings)

    Addendum 8: Fire and School Safety During COVID

    State Guidance: Addendum 6-Educating Students With Disabilities

    State Guidance: Addendum 5-COVID Scenarios

    Reopening Plan for the State