• Welcome to 3rd Grade!

    3rd grade is a year full of learning & growth! In reading, students study how readers set themselves up to be successful and learn strategies understanding fiction & nonfiction texts. Each day, students will engage in independent reading, writing about their ideas and talking about their text. Readers learn to recognize character traits, how characters change, identify themes in a book and how to learn from nonfiction texts by identifying the main idea and recalling important information. 3rd grade writing promotes elaboration, revision, and research in narrative, opinion and informational writing pieces. 3rd grade math is very exciting as students finally get to explore multiplication and all the ways we use it in our everyday lives! We also learn about division, fractions, measurement and two-dimensional shapes. In science, students investigate force & motion, relationships in ecosystems, life cycles and weather & climate. 

    Grade 3 Expectations

    In addition to general school wide expectations, 3rd graders generate a list of classroom expectations that they have of their classmates and themselves. We work hard each day to follow our Classroom Agreement so that everyone feels comfortable, safe and able to learn. These expectations include…

    • Respect others

    • Accept responsibility

    • Pick up after yourself and stay organized

    • Use kind words

    • Make safe choices

    • Help others

    • Follow Directions

    3rd Grade Homework

    The goal of homework in 3rd grade is to provide extra practice with important skills and create lifelong reading and study habits. Students should be completing 20 minutes of independent reading and one sheet of math practice per night. In total, it should take about 30 minutes each night. Math homework is meant to practice general math skills as well as practice with new skills students are learning at school.


    Homework will be sent home on Mondays as a packet with 4 nights worth of work (Monday-Thursday) except in the case of No School days. The homework packet should be returned on Friday of that week. I know that life with children is busy and sometimes unpredictable and my hope is that by providing students with their homework for the entire week, it allows for some flexibility.


    Weekly Updates

    Weekly updates about our classroom, upcoming events and what we are learning will be sent via email each week, typically Friday afternoons. 



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