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    Eastford Sign  

    16 Westford Road
    Eastford, CT 06242
    Office#: (860) 974-0133
    Fax #: (860) 974-0624
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    Town Profile
    • Eastford- Windham County
    • Form of Government: Selectmen, Town Meeting
    • Date of Incorporation: May 30, 1847; taken from Ashford
    • Area: 28.6 sq. miles; 33.12 miles improved road; .31 miles unimproved road
    • Population: est. 1,751
    • Voting Districts: 1
    • Principal industries: aerospace manufacturing, metal fabrication, horticulture, and trucking
    • Transportation: Freight: served by numerous motor common carriers
    • Post Office: Eastford; also rural delivery from Chaplin and Pomfret Center