• September 2021

    I eagerly anticipate the opening of the 2021-2022 school year, and I am pleased to serve as your Director of Pupil Services for the seventh year.  Though I am part-time, I monitor phone calls and messages daily.  My role as Pupil Services Director includes oversight of special education processes and programs for students from age 3 though age 21.  Therefore, I attend all Planning and Placement Team meetings for students who attend schools other than EES, and I participate in some of those meetings here at EES.   I welcome any questions about the processes and procedures in general, and about your specific child as needed.

    Our core in-house Pupil Services/Special Education Team includes:

    • Special Education Teachers Mrs. Kopplin (PK), Mrs. Moran, and Ms. Heather Volpe
    • Speech/langauge Pathologist Mrs. Mauer
    • School Counselor Mrs. Murana
    • Occupational Therapist Ms. Devon Rogers and Physical Therapist Dr. Ferron (contracted through EASTCONN)

    For information regaring COVID-19 circumstances and special education, please visit the Reopening Document: 

    Addendum 6 Adapt, Advance, Achieve 

    In addition to the Special Education processes and programs, I am also involved with McKinney-Vento issues (rights of those with challenges regarding housing/homelessness), Team District Facilitator (for beginning teachers and the state-wide requirements), and I interface with other initiatives such as Early Childhood, Title IX and Civit Rights (including Section 504 processes/plans), and the whole-school processes for supporting learners.

    With the pandemic came the expansion of Zoom and other teleconferenceing capabilities. For the immediate future, I expect that most meetings will be held via virtual means, though we will accommodate specific circumstances.  Further, I will pass along information about the growing number of informational evants availalbe by remote attendance. Some include those offered by the State of Connecticut Department of Education, UCONN, and others. 

    Should you need to reach me, use mchretien@eastfordct.org or call 860-942-2404.


    Best regards,

    Mary Jo Chretien, MS/CCC-SP

    Director of Pupil Services


    Mrs. Chretien