• -- Grade 5 Homework --

    Week of December 11th

    Click here to view this week's work plan. Spelling words can be found below. 

    There are no leveled readers this week, December 11th, instead, students will read a folktale.


     Because we did not meet for class today, due to the extra band practice, you do not have any homework. I will introduce this week's work plan and reading tomorrow during class. If you are curious about your spelling words, I have posted them below. 


     1) Study spelling words

     2) Complete one vocabulary journal sheet. 


     1) Read the folktale I gave you yesterday in class. 

     2) Study spelling words. 


     1) If you have not finished reading your folktale, please do so tonight. 

     2) Spelling quiz tomorrow. 


    None. Have a great weekend!  


    1) Spelling quiz Friday.

    2) Next Monday we will go to the Holiday Shop in the library to preview what they have to offer. On Wednesday, we will go back to the Holiday Shop to make purchases.

    These are your spelling words for the week of December 11th. The quiz will be on December 15th

    Circle & Triangle Groups: snore, tornado, appear, career, prepare, beware, ignore, engineer, volunteer, impair, clearance, directory. 

    Square Group: apparently, business, colleague, foreign, humorous, occurrence, resistance, tomorrow. 



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