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Emergency Alerting

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The following devices can be included to receive alerts from CT Alert ENS

  • Mobile Phones
  • e-mail
  • Voice Over IP landlines
  • Fax
  • Text Messaging and/or Instant Messaging
  • Wireless Personal Digital Assistants, such as BlackBerry® (PDAs)

NOTE:  You are responsible for any costs associated with your receipt of text, phone, or other messages received through any emergency notification system. 

Order of Receipt

You can also specify the order you want to receive the emergency notification, by specifying the contact path order for multiple communication devices.  The system will cycle through your communication devices until the message is delivered and/or confirmed on one of them in accordance with the selection made by the 911 Emergency Communications Center.

Additional Locations

The CT Alert ENS Citizen Sign-Up Page will also allow you to list up to three additional locations in this state for which you want to receive alerts.  These locations may include, for example, the towns where other family members live, or where children attend school.