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On October 1, 2016, Governor Malloy signed into law PA 16-189,  “An Act Concerning Student Data Privacy.”  This law ushered in sweeping changes to the protection and use of student data. As schools increasingly turn to software, web-based learning, mobile apps, cloud computing and other electronic methods to improve student outcomes and the educational experience, the Act sets forth minimum privacy and contractual standards for all parties involved in the creation, use, or handling of student data.

Pursuant to the requirements of Conn. Gen. Stat. § 10-234bb(g), the Eastford Board of Education (the “Board”) maintains and updates an Internet website with information relating to all contracts into which it has entered for which a contractor may gain access to student records, student information, or student-generated content (collectively, “student data”). The address of the Internet website is The Internet website includes copies of these contracts, and notices regarding each contract that include (1) the date the contract was executed, (2) a brief description of the contract and the purpose of the contract and (3) what student data may be collected as a result of the contract.

Source: Shipman & Goodwin

Eastford Elementary School is committed to providing students with rich and relevant digital resources.

  • Digital Resources are apps, websites, software or any web-based subscriptions.
    • Apps are software downloaded from the internet that typically run on mobile devices.  Eastford Elementary School purchases these apps, or uses free apps, on district devices (i.e. iPads, or Chromebooks).
    • Websites, in this case, refers to a collection of related webpages accessible through a browser that require student login.
    • Subscriptions are digital resources that are purchased on an annual basis to support instruction or assessment. These typically involve some form of cloud-based computing.
  • Contractors are operators or consultants with access to any type of student data (records, information or content)

We are in the process of working with companies and contractors whose services are used by the district and fall under the privacy legislation to ensure they are compliant with the law. Beginning July 1, 2018,  we will publicly post information for students and parents on our website to notify you when we enter into or renew a contract or agreement with a company or contractor with which we share student data.

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Last Modified on September 10, 2018