Administration Policy

Animals in the Classroom

Assessment of Children

Bullying Policy

Challenging Behaviors

Preschool behavior plan

Children Behavior Policy

Class Safety Policy

Cleaning & Sanitation Frequency Table

Collaboration Policy

Goals and Objectives

Custodial Classroom Policy

Diapering Procedures

Emergency Transportation Procedure

Family Invlovement Policy

Parent Fee Agreement

Curriculum Philosophy Goals & Objectives

Field Trip Policy

Indoor safety polic

Kindergarten Transition Plan

Language Acquisition Policy

Staff & Volunteer Orientation Policy

Staff Orientation Check List

Substitute and Volunteer Orientation Check List

Outdoor Play and Play Area

Rest Time

Serving Children with Disabilities

Snack and Mealtime Procedures

Standard Precautions

Student Health Services

Preschool Class Behavior Plan

Supervision Policy

Table Washing Procedures

Toileting Training Policy

Professional Development Policy