Classroom Lessons

This year, Eastford Elementary is going to be utilizing the Second Step program for all grades PK-8. Second Step’s curriculum has been recently made more up to date and is offered digitally to students through our scheduled Social Emotional Learning (SEL) time. Second Step aligns their lessons to the core CASEL competencies which we, at Eastford Elementary, believe very strongly in. A great component of Second Step is that all grades (K-8) work on the same content at the same time (grade level specific, of course). This allows our staff and students to build in a building-wide focus and come together to understand these concepts and topics as a community; learning together.

Here is an overview of what students will be learning/discussing this year as part of the Second Step Program.

Unit 1: Growth Mindset & Goal-Setting

Unit 2: Emotion Management

Unit 3: Empathy & Kindness

Unit 4: Problem-Solving