Frog Rock

  • Frog Rock is a landmark that has turned into a great place to stop for a pleasant picnic, listening to a band or browsing through antiques. Frog Rock, which began in 1918,  has a long history of family picnics that have been enjoyed by generations. Two-thirds of the people who stop by have fond memories of times spent there through the years.

    Frog Rock was the brainchild of 1880’s Republican state legislature Thomas Thurber. He passed it day after day on his trip from Putnam to Hartford and finally decided to paint it like the frog he thought it looked like. It faded over time, of course, but in 1997 Thurber’s descendants repainted it green and added a little memorial to the 19th century statesmen on a nearby rock as well.


    Frog Rock Rest Stop
    Route 44
    Eastford, CT
    Phone: 860-942-01321
    Hours: Tu.-Sun., 12-8 p.m.
    Visit their Facebook page at Frog Rock Rest Stop